You should throw those out.

Max is still where we left him.

I'm still kind of thirsty.

I only saw Chip once. That was in Boston.

Chandra has an elliptical orbit which takes it more than 138,000 kilometers from Earth and then back to within 9600 kilometers of Earth. Chandra travels more than one-third of the way to the Moon with each orbit!

The stars are shining very brightly in the sky tonight.

I thought it was a joke.

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.


They might pay me more if I could use a computer.

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular.

He levelled his gaze at her with wonder.

Hens don't fly over walls.

It was impressive.


Seymour is the father.

Hiroyuki hired a private detective.

Won't you take a chair?

I have an older brother who lives in Kyoto.

Your help is indispensable for the success of the scheme.

She earns a living by selling her paintings.

He asked her why she was crying.


They departed ten days in advance of our party.

Maybe some other time.

Can I begin?

Can we talk about this tomorrow?

Allan did it for the sake of his country.

Saiid is wearing protective gloves.

I baked it this morning.

We expected to win.

That's what I loved about Shatter.


Trey apologized over the phone.


The areas with lowest precipitation is at leeward side of the mountains.

It's a relief.

No matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney.

Bobby doesn't want to go home with you.

I wish we didn't have to do that.

I won't be coming with you.

I suspected she was dangerous.

Why don't you come out with us tonight?

Have you cleaned your room yet?

This store has the best selection of hats in town.

You should never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or through any instrument such as binoculars or a telescope.


I need to get some medicine for my dad.

You won't miss it.

His heart beat with excitement.

I think I can't let this opportunity slip by.

I can't remember where I first met him.

There are isolated rain showers.

I didn't know your father had passed away.

I'm not proud of my behaviour.

The store is closed until further notice.

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She hid her burning cheeks in the bosom of the young man.

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Stop calling me Miss Smarty-pants.


What's the message?

You are so beautiful, my love, so beautiful!

I'm ashamed of what I have to say, miss, said Leuwen, but my duty as a gentleman forces me to speak.

I don't like it, but I will do it anyway.

This remark is not applicable to you.


What's your proposal?

The effective application of antiseptics is an important matter in the prevention of hospital infections.

She's just trying to get attention.

I worked a bit at my computer.

I'd like to look at that chart.


Jean did it.

What's the right spirit to adopt when learning a language?

From now on, I'll try to help you with the work.

Please get there as fast as you can.

Please go at the most convenient time for you.

What are those cards, Jan?

The master plan includes programs to provide employment as well as recreation.

May I take some time off next week?

He makes frequent visits to Japan on business.


Be there or be square.


He didn't go to the lake.

After the calves are weaned they are moved to the plush river-flats for fattening.

We ran down to the riverbank.

Her music makes me dream.

I've done this before.

I figured you could use some help.

The shabby compartment remained vacant.

His manners are not those of a gentleman.

Peggy was the only one in the room at 2:30.

His health has begun to decline now.

We dance along the street.

The wind is blowing at an incredible speed.

Monty laughed quietly.


We're planning a robbery.

You can't eat soup with a fork.

How much will you charge me for the suit?


I got off at the park.


Sundaresan wanted to thank Andries in person.


No man can be a patriot on an empty stomach.

A strong draft's blowing in through that window.

Where do you want to go during the summer vacation?


Are you willing to risk that?

His name headed the list.

His parents approve of the engagement.

Can't you give me some advice?

Don't forget to follow my examples during your trip abroad.

He reads the newspaper.

I'm younger than he is.

It's on every evening at 8.

He was arrested for misappropriating public funds.

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They sent him to prison in 1925.

Why did you let him go?

Stop flirting with me.

Suu has a laconic sense of humour.

They're not interested in politics.

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In the U.S., it is common for people to write a check instead of paying cash.


Vijay did warn Annie.

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We're doing everything possible.


I'm not dead, am I?

I reached the hilltop exactly at five.

Grant took 14,000 prisoners.

Near yonder narrow road stands an old knight's castle; thick ivy creeps over the old ruined walls, leaf over leaf, even to the balcony, in which stands a beautiful maiden. She bends over the balustrades, and looks up the road. No rose on its stem is fresher than she; no apple-blossom, wafted by the wind, floats more lightly than she moves. Her rich silk rustles as she bends over and exclaims, 'Will he not come?'

I run 10 kilometers every day.

Dannie needs to get ready.

Were you naughty?

So what I told you still stands.

I'm from Saudi Arabia.

It's not quite finished.

I lost sight of him on the way.

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You've been busy, haven't you?


She was very disoriented.

Is Catherine being charged with a crime?

It is effective against bacterial infections.

Are we really going to do this every Monday?

On a separate sheet of paper, describe your best friend: age, where he or she lives, his or her job, etc.

She told me she loved me.

Reiner is the person who hit Beth.


This feels weird.


The sea gulls are flying low.


I love the name Bella, it means pretty, right?

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The man is wanted for murder.

What can I possibly do to help?

It seems that I have lost my keys.

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I take it you're our new neighbor.

It's my stomach that's bothering me.

In the absence of my travel partner, I took several solo trips.

Pratapwant deserves to be blamed.

I'm helping him out with something.

I've been hired to find them.

I suppose that's allowed.

French unemployment is at a record high.

Nichael was flirting with Michael.

OK, I'm convinced.

Mahesh is the only boy who doesn't like football.


They heard crying.

Have you seen her before?

No one would survive that amount of blood loss.

That stretches out ahead.

Grammar is a very complex thing.

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That bread has started to go stale.


Call the coast guard.

I feel bad that I haven't paid you yet.

Her constant complaining speech irritated me.

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What should I do with her?

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One of the two girls smiled at Page.

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Let's get a doughnut.

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I want to keep them with me.

Has Tony been watching TV?

I'm sorry, I'll do whatever it takes to repair it.


The drunk tourists left the hotel room in shambles after their visit.